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Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec has a large variety of immigration streams to allow eligible individuals to come and become Canada permanent residents. Quebec immigration streams enjoy increased independence and separate identity to attract more foreigners to come and work in Quebec. It gives priority to people having proficiency in French since its official language is French. Nonetheless, if you are a non-French speaker, you still have lots of immigration opportunities to come and work here. Let us see the details now.
Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ)—See, approval of applications for Quebec immigration is done based on selection and admission. Admission is at the federal level while selection happens at the provincial level. So, as an applicant, you shall have to fulfil the criteria of admission and selection by getting a nod from Quebec.

Provincial immigration officials issue Certificat de sélection du Québec once the application is made through any of the immigration streams of Quebec. It is through this certificate that an immigrant knows about his or her selection.

Quebec Skilled Worker program—Being a points-based system and one of the routes to attain permanent residence in Quebec, QSW requires applicants to show a minimum level of skilled work experience in which they are applying. So, applicants have to get minimum points for eligibility on the points assessment grid.
The best part for non-French speakers is that you don’t need to have proficiency in French for getting eligible. Nonetheless, French proficiency will give you more points. Of course, your required submission of EOI (Expression of Interest) on the online portal.

Quebec Experience Program—Quebec Experience Program or PEQ allows you an opportunity to get permanent residence. It is for international students or temporary foreign workers already in Quebec. As an applicant, you need to show your oral knowledge of French at the advanced intermediate level. While making and during the processing of your application, you must be living in Quebec.

Quebec Entrepreneur Program—To be eligible, you need to have the experience, financial ability, and a willingness to manage any project of business or acquire the same here.

Quebec Investor Program—To get permanent residence through Quebec Investor Program, you need to have assets worth not less than $2 million (Canadian dollars) and capability to make an investment of not less than $1.2 million(Canadian dollars)with a financial intermediary in Quebec.

Quebec Self-Employed—If you are a self-employed person wanting to move to Quebec permanently and help in the creation of your employment here, then this is the best immigration category for you. You shall have to possess not less than $100,000 worth net assets(Canadian dollars) along with an experience of two years as a self-employed in the field you want to pursue here.
Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ)—This certificate is a Quebec Acceptance Certificate which gives you legal authority to stay in Quebec for a temporary period. There are several study programs that international students can use this program for coming to Quebec.

Having a valid job offer—Any employer in Quebec who wants to hire a foreigner for a job can make a job offer having validity from MIDI. Having a valid job offer gives you a benefit since you gain 8 points for job offer (for a job offer in Montreal) and 10 points for job offer outside Montreal). So, that means you get to benefit in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.
That’s not all. If you have an offer of job, you are not faced by any quota for the intake of QSW applications.
See the conditions for getting the job offer validated—
• It should be for a full-time and permanent job position at NOC skill level O, A, B, or C.
• You need to make a neutral or positive effect on the Quebec labor market.
• You must be given the offer of a job by an employer in Quebec in writing, and such an employer must be working for not less than 12 months.
• The employer should have made sufficient efforts to finding a Canadian permanent resident or Canada citizen for filling up the vacancy (if applicable).

Conditions for Foreign Nationals—
–As a foreign national, you need to provide copies of educational, identification, curriculum vitae along with an employment offer in a written copy.
–you have to possess a certificate or license for practicing in the chosen profession (it must be regulated in this province).
–if you are a foreigner who is working an employer in Quebec already, you have to make submission of a copy of the work permit as well as three latest paystubs (pay receipts).
Meanwhile, if you are a foreigner working in Quebec on a temporary work permit, your employer shall not be required to demonstrate evidence of having made sufficient efforts of finding a Canada citizen or Canada permanent resident for the vacant job position.

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