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How much funds you require for Canada Immigration

Foreigners who want to immigrate to Canada and become Canada permanent resident are in a dilemma about the money needed for moving to Canada. This means funds required for various processes including proof of funds to be shown for Canada immigration, Fee for Canada visa and so on.

So, let us take this very important topic of money needed for Canada immigration now—

  • First and foremost, you need money for creating your Express Entry profile. Right? See, EE profile has to be built in either Federal EE system or in any other immigration program leading to Canada permanent residence status.
  • Money needed by an applicant after submission of an application for Canada permanent residence after he or she is granted an ITA (Invitation to Apply).

Now, let us come to another important topic, that is funds required for Canada Permanent Residence Fee (applicable with effect from May 2020 onwards)—

Canada Immigration Fee Details

Fee                                                                         Amount in CAD            

Canada PR fee (primary applicant)                           825

PR Fee                                                                            500

Spouse/partner fee (processing)                                825

Every Child (dependent)                                             225

 Medical Test                                                               Varies

 ECA fees                                                                     Varies

PCC fees                                                                      Varies

Medical test charges                                                Varies


Funds for making Express Entry Profile

Now, let us move on to the funds you need for making your Express Entry profile online—

See, you have to get two documents, your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) and your test results for IELTS. And for both these documents, you shall be required to pay a certain fee.

ECA fee (which is around $220(Canadian dollars)

IELTS fee (it varies upon one nation to another)


Funds needed for submission of application for Canada Permanent Resident Visa

You shall have to pay Canada PR visa fee as a primary applicant. In addition, if your spouse and your dependent children are also making an application, then a fee will have to be paid for their application as well.

—For Primary applicant, Canada Permanent Resident Visa Fee–$825(Canadian dollars) + Right of PR fee of $500(Canadian dollars)

—Spouse/common-law partner/accompanying family member–$825+Rigth of PR fee $500

—Child (aged below 22 years)-$225


Cost of getting Medical Test and PCC

You shall have to attach some vital documents with your visa application form. These are—

  • Medical Exam—Differs from one nation to another from which the applicant is applying.
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)—Differs from one country to another depending on where the applicant hails or applied from.

Proof of Funds with your Canada PR Visa application

Canada immigration authorities also want you to show certain funds to help officials get assured that you are able to support your stay in Canada as well as your family’s stay till you get your job in Canada.

Proof of Funds for Canada Permanent Resident Visa application under Express Entry

Number of family members                           Funds needed

  1. $12,960
  2. $16,135
  3. $19,836
  4. $24,083
  5. $27,315
  6. 30,806
  7. $34,299

for every additional family member ———-   $3,492

It may be worth notable that Canadian officials require an applicant bringing along an amount exceeding $10,000(Canada dollars) to declare the same to Canada custom officials.

Amount exceeding $10,000 may be in any form (like bonds, treasury bills, cash, stocks, debentures, cheques, money orders, traveller cheque or banker drafts) needs to be declared as required by Canada customs regulations.

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