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Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

This immigration program provides an excellent opportunity for immigration to Saskatchewan. Applicants have to make an application for permanent residency through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

SINP does the following–

  • Invites applications for permanent residence from foreigners wishing to live in Saskatchewan forever; and
  • Issues nominations to successful applicants to help them get Canada permanent residence.

Application process for SINP

Following are different SINP categories–

  1. Saskatchewan Experience Category—It is meant for foreigners who already live and work in Saskatchewan while being on a valid work permit and want to make an application for permanent residency through SINP.
  2. Applicants with Existing Work Permit—This is for skilled workers–
  3. Meet the sub-category conditions; and
  4. Are working for at least six months on valid work permit in Saskatchewan.


  • Having a full-time and permanent offer of a job from a Saskatchewan employer. This job needs to be in NOC Matrix A, B, or O or any other chosen trade;
  • Food and Beverage Persons or Servers must make an application under the Hospitality Sector Pilot Project;
  • Should have a SINP Job Approval Letter; and
  • Should have worked for at least six months for the specific employer who is currently making the offer of a job, with a work permit granted by the IRCC. See, your full-time and permanent offer of employment should be for the position for which you have worked in the last six months.
  • You must have a CLB 4 as a minimum language score in case your employment offer exists in a NOC C occupation.
  • You need to have evidence of being eligible for Saskatchewan licensure in case your job has been regulated in Saskatchewan and requires a mandatory certification or licensure. 


Health Professionals—This immigration category attracts skilled workers who—

    • Are already in full-time employment while being on a temporary work permit in Saskatchewan as any of the following–
  • Physician;
  • Nurse; or
  • Other health professional.
  • Meet the SINP for getting a nomination. 


Hospitality Sector Project—This is for foreigner workers looking to make an application for permanent residency; and –

  • Already employed on a temporary work permit in Saskatchewan;
  • Already employed with any employed approved by SINP Hospitality for at least six months or 960 hours; and
    • Are employed in any of these–
  • Food or beverage server (NOC 6513);
  • Food Counter Attendant or Kitchen Helper (NOC 6711)
  • Housekeeping or cleaning Staff (NOC 6731)
  • Meet the criteria for this sub-category (subject to change).


Long Haul Truck Driver—This enables trucking firms to recruit long-haul drivers in this province subject to the following conditions—

    •  Must begin working for any certified or approved trucking firm in Saskatchewan while being on a temporary foreign work permit.
  • When permanent employment is offered by any approved trucking firm, the trucker is required to make an application to SINP for permanent residence after at least six-month employment.
  • Fulfil the conditions of sub-category


Students—This sub-category is meant for students who—

  • Should be a graduate from any Canadian (recognized) post-secondary educational institute;
  • Desirous for making an application for SINP nomination;
  • Meet the conditions of the sub-category. 



International Skilled Worker Category

It is a good option for skilled foreign workers willing to stay and work in Saskatchewan. You have to fulfil the conditions for the SINP and have to meet other requirements (English/French language proficiency, education, skilled work experience, etc.) for successful settlement in Saskatchewan.  


International Skilled Worker –Employment Offer—It is for skilled foreign workers —

  • Possessing an offer of a job for a skilled occupation in Saskatchewan; and
  • Meeting the conditions of this sub-category.

Eligibility conditions

You can become eligible if you stay outside Canada or have any evidence of your legal Canada status, are not getting a claim as a refugee. In addition, you should –

  • Get at least 60 out of total 100 points on the SINP points assessment grid;
  • Have at least 1-year work experience last 10-years period in the occupation you want to work in;
  • Get a language of not less than 4 in the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB)
  • Provide evidence of being eligible for Saskatchewan licensure, with the condition being the occupation you want to pursue is included in a regulated profession or compulsory apprenticeship trade. (check Regulated Occupations and Licensing conditions);
  • Have a full-time permanent job in Saskatchewan. As evidence, you need a valid SINP Job Approval Letter. Your offer of employment should be either in the National Occupation List (NOC) Matric level A, B, or O, or in any selected trade in this province. 
  • Food and Beverage Persons or Servers have to make an application in the sub-category Hospitality Sector Project.  


International Skilled Worker: In-demand Occupation—From April 2017, applicants to this sub-category have to pay a non-refundable application fee of $350(Canadian dollars) online. 


International Skilled Worker: Saskatchewan Express Entry—From April 2017 onwards, applicants have to pay a non-refundable application fee of $350(Canadian dollars) online. 

Entrepreneur & Farm Category

Entrepreneur category—This immigration category attracts business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to set up a business in Saskatchewan. You and members of your family are welcome to launch a business or seek an alliance with a partner in business here and take part in active management of the business.

3 steps to this process are—

  • Submitting Expression of Interest to SINP;
  • Selection of EOI and invitation for submitting the application; and
  • Last but not least is nomination.

Farm Category—This is for foreigners having experience in owning/operating any farm and having a substantial net worth along with capability and willingness to invest in setting up a new farm in this province.

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