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Canada Visitor Visa

Canada visitor visa, also known as Temporary Resident Visa allows a whopping 35 million foreigners to come to Canada each year. Well, Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is a Canada visitor visa or Canada Tourist visa that is issued by Canada immigration Visa Office situated outside of Canada. It shows that the holder of this Canada visa has met with various requirements for getting entry into Canada as a visitor.


TRV for Single/Multiple Entry—Well, you will be surprised to know that the Temporary Resident Visa is usually issued to foreigners for a period of six months only. This period is counted from the date of entry of a foreigner in Canada. The passport of such a visa holder gets a stamp at the Port of Entry from Canada immigration officials. So, this means the visitor has to move out of Canada on or before six months.

Meanwhile, there might be a few exceptions to this general rule. This means the visitor can apply for an extension of his or her Canada visitor visa or Canada Tourist Visa. If the application for extension gets approved, the foreigner can stay after expiry of six months in Canada. By doing so, the foreigner gets a legal authority to stay in Canada for another six months.

It is recommended that the holder of Canada visitor visa or Temporary Resident Visa should seek extension of visa at least one month before his/her stay in Canada comes to an end.

To apply for an extension of your Canada visitor visa (or TRV), you have to complete an IMM 5708 Form (Application to Change Conditions, Extend my stay or remain in Canada as a visitor or Temporary Resident Permit holder).

Once your application for extension of your Canada visitor visa get approval, you will be sent a visitor record. It is a document containing information regarding your duration of stay allowed in Canada, and the date before which you should leave Canada. You need to know that the IMM 5708 form has no impact on your status in Canada as a foreign student[NN1]  or as a temporary foreign worker.

Meanwhile, there are different application forms for extension of Canada work permits or Canada student visas.


Different categories of Canada Visitor Visas

These include the following—

  • Temporary Resident visa;
  • Visit/tourism visa;
  • Study visa;
  • Work visa.


Who requires a Canada Visitor Visa?

Every person, apart from Canada citizens or Canada permanent residents, requires a Canada visitor visa for coming to Canada.

So, anyone, who is authorized to come to Canada needs a visitor visa for—

  • Visiting family members living in Canada;
  • Visiting Canada on holiday;
  • Conducting some business in Canada;

An important point to be kept in mind is that tourists on Canada visitor visa can live in Canada for not more than six months. Temporary foreign workers and foreign students [NN2] can live in Canada depending upon the terms and conditions applicable to them based on their respective Canada visitor visas.


What is the processing time for a TRV?

Well, there is no set time for processing of your TRV application. So, to avoid frustration, it is advisable to apply for a TRV around two months before your planned date of Canada visit.

Moreover, your application processing could get delayed due to the following factors—

  • Incomplete application form;
  • The requirement of security checks or background checks;
  • Verification of required documents;
  • Interview;
  • Clearance regarding any criminal record.


Who can get denied entering Canada at the port of entry?

Yes, this is a common concern and issue of many foreigners.

  • The fact is that Canada immigration officials want to make sure that the intention of the foreigner coming to Canada on Canada tourist visa or Canada visitor visa is to leave Canada after his or her six months stay. However, if they suspect that the foreigner’s intent might not be to leave Canada after the expiry of Canada visitor visa, then they may immediately reject entry of such a foreign individual into Canada. 
  • In addition, if you have any criminal or medical issues, then you might be denied entry in to Canada at the Port of Entry.
  • If you are not able to show your ability to financially support yourself in Canada, then you are likely to be rejected for coming to Canada.


What are the documents required for Canada Temporary Resident Visa Forms?

To make an application for Canada Temporary Resident Visa or Canada visitor visa, you need following documents—

  • Valid proof or evidence showing your ties to your home nation;
  • A valid evidence of funds available for your Canada visit and stay there;
  • Identity proof such as a passport or a country resident card;
  •  Evidence that your stay in Canada will be for a temporary period;
  • A letter of invitation from the individual who has sent you an invitation to visit Canada.

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