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Canada Business Visa

Canada Business Visa or Canada Business Class Investor Program allows investors, self-employed, and entrepreneurs to immigrate to Canada by getting a Canada Permanent Resident Visa. Canada welcomes foreign nationals who are willing to set up business in different regions in Canada. By allowing such prospective foreign investors to Canada, the nation gets not only huge investment from them but also pave the way for increasing economic growth and development.

So, if you too want to move to Canada under Canada Business immigration program, you simply need to check the eligibility conditions under different investment options and pick the one for which you are eligible.

To know this, let us move into details here.

To immigrate to Canada as business immigrants under the Canada Business Immigration Program, there are different Business visa categories which are stated below—

  • Entrepreneur program—Canada lures a large number of budding entrepreneurs who are willing to set up businesses in Canada and make vital contributions to the economy of Canada. They are also instrumental in churning out new Canada jobs for Canada citizens and Canada permanent residents having eligibility for the same.

However, to become eligible as entrepreneurs for coming to Canada, they have to buy, set up or invest a sufficient amount in any business in Canada within a period of 2 years after coming to Canada.

Moreover, the concerned individual must make continuous and active participation in business management.

They are required to give employment to not less than one Canada permanent resident or Canada citizen (apart from the entrepreneur himself/herself and his/her dependents).

(Meanwhile, this immigration program is not available currently as it has been put on hold).

  • Immigrant Investor Program—Foreigners who are ready to come and invest in Canada are a significant contribution to the economy of Canada. It allows foreign investors, along with their family members to become Canada permanent residents.

Eligibility conditions for the Immigrant Investor Program—

  • Should have handled, executed, or at least directed any business;
  • Should have a net worth of not less than $1600,000 through their efforts;
  • Should be ready to make an investment of $800,000 for a period of 5 years with CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) since it is a mediator on behalf of territorial and provincial investment money.
  • Self-Employed persons—It allows self-employed people belonging to two types—
  • Those possessing farm management experience and having the ability to buy and manage a Canadian farm; and
  • Those who are ready to buy or set up a business in Canada to make a noteworthy contribution to the Canadian economy/artistic or cultural life of Canada.

         Applicants who can apply subject to the demand at the time of applying include consultants, sportspersons, artisans, small business operators, actors, or farmers.

  • Business Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)—PNPs offer a vast number of opportunities for making a business investment in different Canadian provinces.


Different PNP programs include the following—

  • British Columbia PNP
  • Manitoba PNP
  • New Brunswick PNP
  • Nova Scotia PNP
  • Northwest Territories PNP
  • Ontario PNP
  • Prince Edward Island PNP
  • Quebec PNP
  • Saskatchewan PNP



Following are the eligibility requirements–

  • A net worth of $600,000(Canadian dollars);
  • Experience of 3 years in being a manager or owner of a business;
  • An investment of at least $200,000;
  • Creating not less than one job (full-time) for Canada permanent residents or Canada citizens.


Entrepreneur Regional Pilot—

Eligibility Requirements—

  • An investment of $100,000;
  • $300,000 of personal net worth;
  • Having ownership of not less than 51%;
  • Creation of one full-time employee in the local community;
  • The business should be located in a BC (British Columbia) community having a population below 75,000.

At Straight Visas, our highly experienced Canada immigration lawyers shall assess your case and suggest you the steps you need to take for immigration under Canada Business visa category.

As a Canada Immigration Consultant, Straight Visas feels proud to help and guide Canada Business Immigration!!!

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