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Sponsorship of Children for Immigration

Reuniting Children with Parents through Family Sponsorship

Canada Family Sponsorship Program allows reunification of families including dependent children to come and live with their parents who are living in Canada. This is made possible by making an application for sponsorship of children for Canada Permanent Residence.


Who is defined as a dependent child as per Canada immigration rules?

Well, Canada immigration rules define dependent children as biological or adopted children of Canada permanent residents or Canada citizens. If a child is less than 22 years of age, is neither married nor in a common-law relationship is considered to be a dependent child. Meanwhile, any child aged above 22 years shall still be a dependent child in case he or she suffers from any mental or physical condition that does not allow him/her to support himself/herself.


Requirements or conditions for sponsorship of Dependent Children

To sponsor dependent child/children, the sponsor must fulfil the eligibility conditions. Apart from the sponsor, the person being sponsored, i.e. the dependent child must also meet the eligibility criteria. So, the eligibility criteria for any parent wanting to sponsor their child/children are mentioned below—

The sponsor must—

  • Be not less than 18 years old;
  • Be a Canada permanent resident or Canada citizen residing in Canada;
  • Not be bankrupt, guilty of any serious offence, or imprisoned.

To sponsor a dependent child, parents shall have to furnish evidence of their relationship with their child/children. It can be through birth or through an adoption certificate showing that the child was adopted by them. Canada immigration rules allow parents of an adopted child to sponsor their child for Canada immigration before the finalization of the adoption if they are almost nearing the completion of the adoption process.

To get sponsorship for Canada permanent residence, the dependent child/children should be the biological child/children or the adopted child /children of the sponsor/spouse of the sponsor.


Are there different rules for Sponsorship of dependent children in Quebec? Let us see the rules of Quebec for sponsorship of dependent child/children—

Any sponsor living in Quebec and wanting to offer sponsorship to dependent child/children shall have to make a commitment for a financial undertaking for assisting the child being sponsored.

Further, the sponsor shall have to commit to providing financial support for a dependent child aged below 16 years for a period of 10 years, or until the child attains 18 years (whichever is more).

In case, the dependent child is aged 16 or above, the sponsor shall have to make a commitment to offering financial help for the child for three years, or until the child attains the age of 25 years, whichever is more.

Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) for Sponsorship of Dependent Child

As per Canada immigration rules, Canada citizens or Canada permanent residents are not required to fulfil any Minimum Necessary Income requirements for offering sponsorship to their dependent child or children. However, an important point worth notable in this regard is that the dependent child or dependent children should not be having their own child or children.

So, it is made quite clear by the government of Canada that if there are dependent child has his or her own dependent children, then the sponsor shall be bound to fulfil the minimum necessary income requirement for their family unit.

If you are thinking of sponsoring your dependent child or dependent children to Canada, or if you are a dependent child who wants to be sponsored by your parent/parents who are Canada citizens or Canada, permanent residents, then we are here to serve you.

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