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Spouse Sponsorship under Family Class

Straight Record Makes Spouse Sponsorship Simpler for You

Canada allows spouse sponsorship for enabling spouse/common-law partner/ conjugal partner along with their dependent children to come to Canada. We are here to serve you better by letting you know whether you have the required eligibility for sponsoring your spouse/partner. We will also provide you with help in filing the application for Canada sponsorship and Canada permanent residence. Meanwhile, it takes around 12 month-time to process your application for Canada sponsorship.

An important condition to apply for Canada spousal sponsorship is that the sponsor, as well as spouse should get approval by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) to let the sponsored individual get Canada permanent residence.

So, this is possible only if the sponsor and the sponsored spouse (or partner) is able to provide proof of their mutual relationship under any one of these categories—


Spousal sponsorship

  • Inland Spousal Sponsorship—Inland Spousal Sponsorship application can be made from within Canada. It is possible only if your spouse and you (the sponsor) are on a valid visitor visa/study visa/work permit and are staying in Canada together.

The rules also allow the person being sponsored to make an application for a spousal open work permit along with making an application for Inland Spousal Sponsorship. Spousal open work permit enables the sponsored person to live and work in Canada until his or her application is under process by Canada immigration department.

  • Outland Spousal Sponsorship—Under this category, the foreign partner (who is being sponsored) is living in any other country except Canada. Application for such visa category is processed in the nation of origin or nation of permanent residence of the sponsored partner. Meanwhile, during the time of application process, the sponsored partner is allowed to travel to and out of Canada.
  • Common-law partnerCommon-law partner is the one who is not married to the person offering sponsorship. However, in a common-law partnership, you must be living with your common-law partner for not less than one-year duration in a conjugal relationship. However, if there are any travel periods during which the two of you have stayed apart, they will not affect your eligibility.

The only thing you need to prove is that you have been living as common-law partners together in the household for the majority of the time period. The IRCC shall ask for evidence in this regard. The evidence could be in the form of a joint residential lease, joint bank account details, or other related documents showing that you stay at the same household

  • Conjugal partners—Any individual living outside Canada but who is in a binding relationship with his/her partner for not less than one year, who is a Canadian sponsor. However, such an individual is not living with his or her partner. You will require to provide evidence that both of you were not able to live together as a result of some mitigating circumstances.
  • Same-sex partners—You must know that for the same-sex partners and opposite-sex partners/spouses, the rules for sponsorship are the same. So, as a proof, you will need a legal marriage certificate from the concerned territory/province where both of you were married, in case you had been married inside Canada.

Meanwhile, for those whose marriage was solemnized outside of Canada, a marriage certificate shall be required to prove that your marriage is legal, both in Canada and the place where the marriage took place.


Who can be offered sponsorship under Spouse or Common-law partner sponsorship?–Eligibility Conditions for a Spouse/Partner getting sponsorship—

The partner or spouse being offered sponsorship must fulfil the following conditions—

  • The spouse/partner making an application for Canada permanent residence should not be less than 18 years;
  • The sponsor and the partner being sponsored should be able to furnish evidence with regard to their relationship being genuine.

We need to mention that Canada immigration officials reject an application where the intent is found to just get Canada permanent residence rather than to live with one’s spouse/partner. So, the intent must be sincere.


Eligibility Conditions for the Sponsor

As a sponsor, you must—

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Be a Canada permanent resident or Canada citizen living in Canada;
  • Not be a bankrupt, placed under a removal order, involved in any serious offence, or be in a prison;
  • Not have been himself/herself sponsored as a spouse for coming to Canada within the last five years period.

We are here to let you know whether you are eligible to sponsor your spouse/common-law partner. We will also give you required support in making the application for Spouse Sponsorship as well as for Canada permanent residence.

The application process of Canada Spouse Sponsorship is a tedious task. So, even a minor mistake or negligence can prove risky leading to outright rejection of your application by the immigration department.

Hence, it is advisable to seek the services and guidance of a reliable and experienced immigration services provider to ensure your chances of getting your Canada spouse sponsorship application approved by Canada immigration department.

You will be glad to know that our services to our clients are based on their respective and customized immigration needs. Just give us an opportunity to serve you and you will feel happy to have contacted us for your immigration queries and requirements.

We look forward to serving you and help you get Canada permanent residence after successful processing of your Canada spousal sponsorship application. We can give you the right advice to let you bring your spouse or common-law partner to Canada and live a happy life.

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