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Canada Open Work Permits

To work in Canada, all foreigners need to have a valid Canada work permit. But you will be happy to know that this general rule has some exemptions. Would you like to know these exemptions? Let us know the details here and now—


What is an open work permit?

An open work permit is a work permit which does not restrict you to any particular employer or any specific or single place. So, in simple words, it allows the holder to work for different employers in different locations within Canada.

Meanwhile, a point worth notable in this regard is that some open work permits might be having a couple of additional conditions or requirements to be followed by foreigners. Another good thing about open work permits is that there is no need of getting an LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment).

No wonder, Open work permits are very popular among foreigners, especially those coming to work in Canada through these immigration streams.

Let us see these—

—International Experience Canada (IEC);

–Post-Graduation Work Permits (PGWP);

–Bridging Open Work Permits (BOWP);

–Inland Spousal or Common-Law Sponsorship.

Advantages of Open Work Permit—

Open work permits are gaining immense popularity, thanks to a host of benefits they offer. For instance, an open work permit gives the freedom to work with any employer in Canada and even work in any part of Canada as and when the person feels like.

Moreover, foreigners can also significantly increase their eligibility requirements for Canada permanent residency by getting Canada work experience as they move from one place to another for better employment prospects within Canada.

So, as they gain more and more work experience in Canada, they can assess their eligibility for the below-mentioned immigration streams for getting Canada permanent residence–

  • Express Entry
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
  • Quebec Immigration
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

However, foreigners having an Open Work Permit are not allowed to accept job offers from the below-mentioned employer categories—

  • Employers on the list of ineligible candidates due to non-compliance with the rules of the IRCC;
  • Employers who are found to be providing erotic messages, erotic dances, striptease, or escort services regularly.


Who can apply for Canada Open Work Permit?

Following foreigners can apply for an open work permit—

  • A few international students who have successfully graduated from any designated/selected study program in Canada;
  • Spouses/common-law partners of a few international students;
  • Spouses/common-law partners of a few temporary foreign workers;
  • Applicants for Canada permanent residency who made an application through the process of Inland Spousal Sponsorship;
  • A few young workers taking part in programs provided through International Experience Canada (IEC);
  • Protected persons, refugee claimants, refugees, and members of their family.

An important point to be noted in this regard is that the exact requirements, conditions, and process of application differ based on the above-stated situations met by any foreigner.

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