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CRS Requirement under Express Entry

Let us find out the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) for Express Entry program in detail here for the benefit of our budding immigrants to Canada.

First of all, let us know what a CRS is. Well, it is a points system used for ranking immigration applicants. This points system is based on merit and it gives scoring to every candidate or applicant in the pool of Express Entry. The score given to every individual applicant is known as the CRS score.

As we already know quite well that under Express Entry, there are three programs available for coming to Canada. These are Federal Skilled Trades, Federal Skilled Worker, and Canadian Experience Class.

Talking about the CRS, we need to mention that a CRS score is given to an individual submitting his or her profile under the Express Entry pool. This score is given out of the total 1200 points.

Now, we are going to explain in detail the number of points under the CRS to be received for every factor—

If your partner or spouse is not going to accompany you to Canada, or if your spouse or partner is a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident, then you shall get points under the CRS just like you do not have any partner or a spouse.

Maximum number of points for each factor for candidates under Express Entry—

Factors                                                                                Maximum points

  • Core or Human Capital                                              500(without spouse) 

                                                                                                          460(with spouse)

  • Spouse/Common Law                                                  40
  • Skill Transferability                                                      100
  • Additional points                                                          600

Total Maximum Points                                                          1200


  1. Core or Human Capital Factors–

Factors                             Points

                                            With spouse/common-law partner   Without spouse/common law partner

Age                                                                 100                                                            110

Education level                                            140                                                            150

Official Language                                        150                                                            160


Canada work

Experience                                                    70                                                              80

Maximum points                                460                                                         500


B. Spouse/Common-law partner factors—

   Factors                                                               Points                                   

   Education level                                                          10

   Proficiency official language                                   20

  Canada Work Experience                                         10

  Maximum points                                                40


C. Skill Transferability Factors

Factors                                                                       Points


Official language proficiency &

Degree in post-secondary education                            50

Canada work experience and post-secondary

Degree                                                                                50

Maximum points                                                      50


Foreign Work Experience

Good official language proficiency

&foreign work experience                                            50

With Canada work experience & foreign

Work experience                                                           50

Maximum points                                                   50

Certificate of qualification (for those in trade occupations)


With strong official language proficiency &

a certificate of qualification                                        50

Maximum                                                                      50

Maximum points                                                 100


D. Additional Points (Max points 600)

Factor                                                                                   Points

Brother/sister living in Canada (permanent

resident or citizen)                                                                       15

French language skills                                                                 30

Post-secondary education in Canada                                       30

Arranged Employment                                                               200

PN Nomination                                                                            600

Maximum points                                                                 600


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