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Canada Student Visa

Canada is well-known for its sound and remarkable education system. Moreover, Canada has the world’s prestigious colleges and universities. Its educational institutes have the capacity to welcome international students from different countries, backgrounds and interests.

With a nation like Canada for studying abroad, international students can stay assured of getting high-quality education to give you a great kick-start in your career. You can decide to study an under-graduate or a graduate course in Canada. Also, you can make a decision to study any short-term course of the English language if you have an interest in it.

Do you know another amazing feature of studying in Canada? Well, Canada has quite a low tuition for studying in its schools, colleges, and universities. And to top it all, the living expenses in Canada far less as compared to its neighbouring countries. What else could you ask for!

Now, that’s the reason why Canada woos more and more international students to its different educational institutes. As per the official figures, roughly 250,000 or even more international students choose Canada for studying overseas.


Canada Study Permit or Canada Student Visa

To come to Canada and study here, you have to make an application for Canada Study Permit. Canada Study Permit or Canada student Visa is a kind of Temporary Resident Visa. It enables international students to pursue study courses in Canada for a short period. The time depends upon the course of study chosen by the applicant and the educational institute in which he/she wants to get enrolled.

You can make an application for getting a Canada study permit while you are outside Canada. Meanwhile, to get an extension of your Canada student visa while you are in Canada, you can make an application to the Canada immigration department.


How to get a Canada study permit?

Canada immigration department issues Canada study permits to aspiring international students wanting to come and study in Canada. For this, you shall need to make an application to the selected education institute. As an immigration consultant, Straight Visas can assist you in contacting the college or university you want to study. Moreover, it can further help you complete the whole application process with ease.

After your application gets approved by the concerned educational institute, we, at Straight Visas, can guide you in preparing your application and filing the same for your new life as a student in Canada.


Conditions for getting qualified for Canada Study Permit

You have to submit a couple of documents along with your Canada study permit application. Moreover, you shall have to fulfil certain conditions laid out by the government of Canada.

Let us see the conditions for Canada study permit—

  • You need to possess a letter of acceptance sent by the educational institute in which you intend to study;
  • You have to be in sound health;
  • You need to provide evidence of having sufficient funds for your entire period of stay in Canada. These funds are needed for paying tuition fees and your living expenditure;
  • You must not have any criminal record;
  • You have to convince an official of your intent to leave Canada after the completion of your study in Canada; and
  • You should not pose any risk or threat to the safety and security of Canada.


For any international student, studying in Canada is an incredible experience. So, to foolproof your chances of getting your Canada study permit approved, get in touch with Straight Visas, and book your place for studying in Canada.


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