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US Visitor Visa

It is for individuals who want to come to the US temporarily for a visit, business or tourism. One may qualify for B-1 or B-2 or B-1/B-2 together on the basis of the reason to visit the US. This Visa can be either multiple entry or a single entry.

On the basis of applicant’s eligibility-

Individual applicants have to show evidence that they are only coming to the US for above-mentioned reasons and have no intention to immigrate to the US. People coming to the United States from Bermuda or Canada do not need a visa. But in case, a person is a citizen of any participating country, one may be qualified to apply for the Visa Waiver Program, and for that, you don’t need a Visitor Visa.

US B-2 Visa

 It is basically a tourism and Visitor Visa. Individuals who are coming for medical purposes or taking part in some kind of social events can also apply under this Visa.

US B-1 Visa

For business reasons, one should apply for the B-1 visa. It consists of–
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Exploring of Business opportunities. 
  • Buying property
  • Taking part in business conferences
  • Taking advice from business associates.
Documents Required–
  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Visa application
  • Receipt for payment of application fee.
One also needs other documents which provide evidence of —
  • One’s capacity to pay for the tour cost; and/or
  • Applicant will leave the US after the tour;
  • Reason of the visit.

Proof of your job and/or family background may be enough to prove the purpose of your tour and your intention to come back to your own country. In case, one is not able to meet the tour cost, and then one may prove that someone else will bear all or some of the tour cost.

How to enter the US under the US Visitor Visa

The process involved may be different every time depending on the United States Embassy where one is applying. One needs to fill the online application. After entering the US, one may apply for extension, but one needs to leave the United States before the expiry of visa duration until one’s request has been accepted. Officials at the port-entry have the power to refuse or permit the entry to the United States after entering the US.

Visa Interview

Government officers will interview you and will decide whether you are eligible to get a visitor visa or not. One needs to prove that all the requirements under United States law are met to get the Visitor Visa. Any additional requirements will be informed to you by a Government Officer. Once your Visa is accepted, you may be required to pay the issuance fee (it is based on the nationality of the individual).

In case your Visa has not been accepted then you can visit the page ‘US visa refusal letter’ and review the next steps. This will guide you so that the next time when you apply chances of your visa acceptance are bright.

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