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O1 Visa

On May 29, 2020, USCIS declared that the premium processing would resume form I-140 and form I-129 petitions in phases over the month of June. USCIS resumes premium processing for certain petitions.

O-1 visa is a visa which deals with individuals who have the extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education or business or athletics. Who have extraordinary achievements in the TV industry or motion picture and have been acknowledged globally for those achievements.


O -1 visa classification

The O-1A visa – It is for those individuals who have extraordinary ability in the field of science, education, business or athletics.

O- 1B –   It is for those individuals who have an extraordinary ability in the arts or motion picture or TV industry.

O- 2 – It is for those individuals who will accompany an O-1 athlete or artist to help in particular performance or event.

O-3 it is generally for the spouse or children of an O-1’s or O-2’s


Eligibility criteria for O -1 visa

To be eligible for O-1 visa the individual should have extraordinary ability and should have gained national or international praise and should be coming temporarily to the US for continuous work in the field of extraordinary ability.

The individual should have extraordinary ability in the area of business or athletics, education, science and have a particular level of skill indicating that the individual is among the small proportion of the population which has risen  to the peak in the area of endeavour.

Extraordinary ability in the area of art means renowned position–which means having a high level of achievement in the area of the art proved by a degree of expertise. The extraordinary ability must be acknowledgement considerably above that usually encountered to the limit that the individual described as eminent.

To be eligible for O-1 visas in motion pictures, the individual should have a high degree of accomplishment in the television productions or motion pictures. This can be proved by a degree of expertise and acknowledgement importantly above that usually encountered to the extent the individual is acknowledged as excellent in the television field and motion pictures.

Hiring a professional is always helpful for the filing of this kind of visa.

There are many requirements which need to be fulfilled for the O-1 Visa. Immigration officers always ask for more details. So it is always advisable to take a professional guide as no one wants to take the risk of refusal. 

Corporate immigration enables enterprises to do foreign business. There is an ample opportunity for international employees who want a good life through employment access which is not available in their own countries.  

Many ways can be adopted by our immigration experts to help businesses or individuals for this visa. Services provided by us are as follows:

* Cases of high volume that need the cooperation of many departments at each step of the process.

* Applications related to PR that needs to be filled through proper immigration stream.

* United States applications for Work permits.


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