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R1 Visa

It is a non-immigrant US visa. It is mainly to help qualified religious employees to do their job within the US for a religious organization. The organization need to be put on record as a non-profit organization in the United States, associated with the United States religious category as non-taxable.

The Visa is for applicants who do work directly related to religion, for example, preaching. Individuals who work in the management of a religious organization are not eligible to apply for an R-1 Visa.

There is no upper limit on the number of individuals who can have an R-1 visa. After getting the R-1 visa, the visa holder may study in the United States, and apply for a driving license and open an account in the bank. The visa holder may also travel outside of the United States and this time duration will not be included in the whole visa time span.

The Validity of the R-1 Visa is for 30 months, and after the expiry of the time, one can again apply for the extension for the next 30 months. This visa can be granted for a maximum of 60 months, after that the visa holder has to return to the country of origin. After that, one can make a plan to apply for some other visa or Green Card to stay in the US for a longer period.

Spouse or children of R-1 visa holder can also join after applying for their R-2 visa. Both applications can be completed at the same time. For that purpose, a birth certificate of children and a valid marriage certificate of the children need to be provided. The dependents of the R-1 visa holder can stay in the US for the period of the R-1 visa once they obtain an R-2 Visa.

Dependents who acquire R-2 Visas are not allowed to work but they may go for part-time or full-time education. To apply for this Visa one must already be working in the company of religious organization in the US. The boss has to start the process by appealing to USCIS as a representative of the applicant. After the appeal has been processed, the visa holder would be applying. After all the documents are submitted, the visa interview will be arranged.

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