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H1B visa

H-1B visa is one in which the United States work permit is given to immigrants for professional jobs for employers in the US. It means that your work should require a high degree of expertise.  For example– expertise required in a professional job.

Almost all visa holders under the H-1B visa group are highly educated with a university degree.  It is not always required to have a higher education.  A few H-1B visas can be given to individuals with the less educational record, but that individual should be having a lot of work experience.

Time taken to process this application is normally between nine to fourteen weeks, and this depends on the INS service center, which has control over the application.

As H-1B visa is supported/sponsored by your boss and in case you want to shift your job then, in that case, your new sponsor/ supporter will be required to file H-1B visa for you. At present, the spouse of the H-1B visa holder is allowed to work in the US.

With the start of the 2020 filling period, USCIS is going to introduce a lottery system. All the bosses from the US will list on USCIS website in March the individuals they want to support/sponsor. And it has a customer fee of $10 per boss/employer. USCIS, with the help of the lottery system will inform the bosses/employers about the selection of their employees. There will be a period of 90 days for bosses/employers to file appeals for the individuals who are selected.

As per 2015 regulation, spouses and children can join the H-1B Visa holder as “H-4s” but are not allowed to work. But now they are allowed to work provided H-1B visa holder qualify for a 7-year extension on the basis of labor certification which has been filed for more than 1 year formerly or the H-1B Visa holder has an approved one hundred and forty international worker petition.

The limit that has been put on the number of H-1B Visa holder has nothing to do with the present H-1B Visa holders who are shifting to brand new bosses/employers and also does not have an effect on those individuals looking for an extension on their stay as H-1B visa holder.

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