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UK Start-Up Visa

UK Start-Up Visa offers a remarkable chance to foreigners who are willing to set up or handle a business in the UK.

You can make an application for a UK Start-up visa subject to the following conditions—

  • If you hail from outside the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland
  • If you fulfil other eligibility conditions
  • If you want to establish a business in the UK. 


Eligibility conditions:

You have to meet the following:

  • You should be not less than 18 years;
  • You should fulfil the requirement of English language
  • You should be able to provide proof of having sufficient personal funds to support your stay in the UK.


Funds required for UK Start-up Visa:

You must have not less than £945 in your account in the band for a period of 90 continuous days before making an application. 


To get an endorsement, you need to fulfil the following condition:

You have to get an endorsement from any certified body that happens to be—

  • Either a business organization has a history of assisting UK entrepreneurs; or
  • Any UK higher education institute.


Moreover, you shall have to prove that your business concept is—

  • A fresh idea since you are not allowed to invest/join in any existing or trading business;
  •  New and innovative as you need to have some real business concept which entirely differs from an idea already prevalent in the market.
  • Any feasible idea of having the capacity for development.


How much time it takes for processing of your visa?

It is advisable to make an application for your UK Start-up Visa around three months before your stipulated time of travel.

Meanwhile, you need to be aware that it takes around 3 weeks to get your visa processed after you make an application while you are outside the UK.


Fee for UK Start-up Visa:

For whom you are applying   Applying (outside the UK)  Switch (in the UK)
Yourself   £363   £493
Yourself (From Turkey/Macedonia) £308 £438
All dependents (each person) £363 £493


Duration of your stay in the UK:

Your legal period of stay in the UK can be for 2 years when you are on Start-up visa. There is no provision of extension of this UK visa. However, you can switch to Tier 1(Entrepreneur)Visa in the following conditions:

  • If you made a switch to Start-up visa from a Tier 1(Graduate Entrepreneur) visa for your second year;
  • You have already successfully completed second year while being on a Tier 1(Graduate Entrepreneur) visa.


What will happen if your endorsement body withdraws endorsement for you? See, if this happens, then your UK Start-up visa shall become short. And if you are desirous of living in the UK for a longer period, you shall have to make an application once again with a new endorsement body before the expiry of your present UK Start-up Visa.


What are your rights in the UK while being on a UK Start-up Visa?

You enjoy several privileges after coming to the UK on a UK Start-up visa. You enjoy the following:

  • You can switch to this UK visa from any other UK visa streams;
  • You are allowed to work for your own business and still take up another employment;
  • You can bring your family with you.


Meanwhile, you are not allowed to do the following:

  • undertake any work outside of your business;
  • Work as a professional athlete, dentist, doctor etc.
  • Receive any public money.
  • Get settled in the UK while being on UK Start-up visa.


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