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UK General Work Visa (Tier 2)

UK General Work Visa allows skilled foreigners to come to the UK and work here. Every year, a large number of skilled immigrants come to work in the UK. Meanwhile, you have to fulfil a certain set of conditions to become eligible for making an application for this UK visa. You must be from outside Switzerland and the EEA (European Economic Area). Moreover, you must have an offer of skilled employment in the UK.


Eligibility conditions for UK General Work visa

  • You must have a sponsorship certificate for employment in the UK;
  • You must give proof of your English knowledge;
  • To support your stay in the UK after coming here, you need to show that you have sufficient personal funds;
  • You will be required to provide details of your travel history for the past five years time;
  • You shall be able to provide your ability to travel;
  • You have to provide details of getting a requisite pay for your employment;
  • You will have to undergo a tuberculosis test and provide the results of the same in case you belong to a listed nation;
  • You may also be asked to furnish a certificate of any criminal record from a nation you have been living for the last one year or so in the last decade. This is needed if you are going to work with vulnerable people.


Getting sponsorship from a licensed sponsor

To make an application for living in the UK, you have to get sponsorship from any licensed sponsor. The duty of the sponsor is to make sure that you have the skills to undertake the employment and the qualification for getting the visa. If you are found to be a suitable candidate, you will be given a certificate of sponsorship in the form of an e-record (electronic record) having a reference number by the sponsor. You will be required to mention this number in your UK General Work Visa application. This certificate of sponsorship is meant to be used for one-time only and within 3 months after being granted.


For how much time can you stay in the UK on a UK General Work Visa?

This visa allows you to live and work in the UK for not more than five years and 14 days, or exact time mentioned on your sponsorship certificate plus a period of one month (which is lesser).  Meanwhile, you need to note that you can make an application for the extension of your UK General Work Visa (Tier 2) for a period of another 5 years. But the only condition is that your total UK stay cannot exceed 6 years.


What are the fees for UK General Work Visa (Tier 2)?

Up to a period of three years:

For whom you are applying

Applying (outside the UK) 

Extend/Switch (in the UK)

Yourself                                                                              £610    £704
Turkey/Macedonia citizen £555  £649
All dependents £610 (each)  £704 (each)


What does the UK General work visa allow the visa holder?

As a UK General Work Visa holder, you are allowed to do the following—

  • Undertake the employment for your sponsor which has been mentioned in the sponsorship certificate;
  • Bring along your family to live in the UK.
  • Perform any voluntary work;
  • Take up second employment in some exceptional conditions only;
  • Undertake a study course but it must not, in any way, hinder or restrict the employment for which you have been given sponsorship;
  • Travel overseas and get back to the UK


What is not allowed to the holder of a UK General work visa?

You are not allowed to do the following—

  • Receive public funds;
  • Make an application for second employment until and unless you have already begun work for the person offering sponsorship;
  • Have ownership of shares of your sponsor exceeding 10% with the only exception being if your annual earnings exceed £159,600.

After knowing the vital details of the UK General Work Visa (Tier 2), you can plan for UK immigration.


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